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to go in from the side because there was 23, 24 feet of sand against i call him keith. i can't pronounce his name -- against keith's building there was 23, 24 feet of sand and it was right against his building and his foundation was not deep. so we had to shore, from not going underneath this building, we shored from the side, using grout. it was a much more difficult process, that was. the other project, the new project, is a tunnel. and it presents new type of things, but it doesn't come near keith's property. it just doesn't come near his house. there's a concrete staircase between his house and the garage. it's not going to be disturbed. so we're not even coming within that three foot staircase. >> president hwang: thank you. i got the picture. >> one is top-down, the other is side-in. >> president hwang: thank you. >> anything else? >> vice president fung: got a question for ms. dick. you indicated in your brief that the structural design documents and -- were available for the appellant's review? >> my understanding that they were always made available. there was an effort -- fnget
>>> good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday, i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith. we begin with breaking news this morn. sad news from the football world. art modell the former owner of the ravens dead this morning at the age of 87. he bought the cleveland browns for just $4 million. he will be forever be known for moving the team to baltimore in 1996. the ravens won the super bowl in 2000. he sold the ravens in 2004. news 4 melissa mollet is in baltimore and will have more on modell's passing at 11:30. >>> fairfax county schools may change how they discipline students. the disciplinary policy. news 4 megan mcgrath has more now from fairfax. >> good morning. every student in the fairfax county public school system is bound by the rules and policies of the rights and responsibilities manual. but that manual is quite large. it's over 40 pages. and it's actually in the process of being updated and changed. that process, however, has not been without controversy. some parents have called for a reworking of the discipline rules and they want input into that process. well, later
objective, and the service that i provide to keith on this job. when we got the project in mid-august, we met with the contractor. once he heard that he had the permit we asked for the drawings, we asked for the calculations. respect dbi and dbi and the people that do the plan checking. i got a copy of the calculations and a copy of the shoring plans. you could not connect them. and i been in this profession for a very long time, almost 40 years. so that was number one. we couldn't make a connection with a bunch of computer -- but you couldn't tie the computer output to the plans. also, we did not have any drawings that illustrated the -- grouting. we met with the geogrout, and he showed us the plan this he had in mind. in the package that the attorneys put together, exhibit e, that shows the grouting for the gmi as proposed, mr. carp said that it's four foot six away, well it's four foot six away from his property line near the back near the elevator lobby but adjacent, very close to his house, for i think 30 feet, near the house. so there's some misrepresentation. so i did subsequent to
that it actually could be a benefit. could you discuss that. >> i think it's subjective. keith has probably some geogrout underneath the west side of his house from the 2881 project because that was adjacent to his property. if you have differential soil along the length of the property which it's going to entd up which think some of the foundation may have strengthened soil by the -- grouting, some of his foundation under his house may not. the question is how it's going to behave in a an earthquake with differential materials under the house, i can't predict what would happen. but i think if all the construction is successfully executed, then all of the soil that's underneath his foundation will be restrained by the adjacent foundations and retaining walls and drainage if everything is properly built. my point of view in my recommendation to keith is it's a very high risk construction. we have done some due diligence talking to other geotechnical engineers that's had experience with these contractors. nobody's perfect. it depends a lot on who's doing the work. i told keith we would -- again, i
... party.../. party.../. keith daniels,... live... in... northeast baltimore...'/ where... she... was caught... in... the,.... crossfire.. / keith. ///////////////////////keith//// //////////////// jeff..... we're live on tte alameda at richnor avenue..... that shooting happened behind 22-year-oll lorelle amos..... she graduated in 2008 and tonight...we're told - her classmates have organized mother..... poliie say amos was shht phile she was standing in the that night...... it rty happened at about 2 o'cllck early sunday mooning. investigators on't believe she wassthe target. in fact, faaily members say she someone else. they say two groups of men in cars had just passed.. they jumped out of the vehicles down the block.. then someone opened amos n the chest.. killing her. /////////////////////sst//////// //// (ms. murray) "and then she has a 1-year-old baby.. whoos not he's not goiig to have his. but, we aal will be there for him." the family says amms was a looal bank teller..... with recent plans for an upcoming police say
omments about torrey smith's brother. katie moody of balttmore released herrapology today. keith daniels, live innthe neesroom with her statement.... and wwat experts say about the power of the innernet.. keith. //////////////// /keith///- jeff..... katte johns hopkins school of the medicine.............anddsince her tweet after sunday nighh's game.. people have inudatedd the school oo the internet.. with tweets and emaill calling for her to be fired. well today.. she apologized. ////////////////////vo////////// 3 3 her statement reads in ppat..... "i profoundly regret completely inappropriate and comment.. ann i deeply lament tte pain it caused. //////////////// all of this started with moody's tweet soon after the ravens beat the patriots sunday.... and teel him about your win.. ohhh, wait, too soon?" race defense tweeting.. "u are e.. - terrible,,i hope you know the worr karma." soon after, moody's tweet wwnn spreadinn across the country. and tonight, onn on-line expert says it's another example that shhos the power and viral nature of the inteen
.... killed in seperaae shhotinns in the city. tonight, the earch for the suspects. keith daniels, live in cherry hill where police say the victim was shht y a ider she picced up in the neighborhood... keith. keith. karen... we're live on reedbird avenue near....... tto women shot last night within hours of each othhr. poliie believe the woman found here.. may have wooked for a seeaa company. she told police someone she picked uu.. shot her... but iivestiiators don'' believe this was a random attack. they'rr not so sure about shooting. the other shooting. it happened in it happened in baltimore.... a 19-year-old woman shot in the head.was sitting in the a parked car onnsouth augustt avenue near south augusta a parked car on 3 fox 45 ews at 55hill, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 5. &pfox45 has teamed up withhthe mmst popular crime mapping websiteeon the internet activity in your neighborhooo. you can also get emailsswhen crime happens.sign up by going to our website... fox- baltimore dot com...and click on "spotcrime""in he "hot topics" section at the top of the screen
professional. >> hear what it's like to be smack in the action. >> yeah. it was pretty wild. >> toby keith surprises a fan by saluting her soldier husband. >> what's his name? >> keith. >> see why the musical tribute wasn't the big surprise. >>> a little girl with autism starts doing ballet moves for her parents. >> and then one day it occurred to them, wait a minute. >> those are no ordinary moves. we've got the astounding story. plus, cottonmouth versus rattlesnake see who gets a brutal eat down and learn the secrets to slo mo smashesi from the master. >> i'm gallagher and you're watching "right this minute." >>> i have a story for you our viewers in seattle have been following. i wanted to share it with everybody else. a photo journalist from kiro tv was on assignment, covering a court case at the federal court house when he heard shots fired. the photographer's name is eric alexander. this guy is a true professional. because once he heard that gun go off, he didn't run for cover. he didn't run away from the gunfire. he ran toward it. you see a man, a masked man, almost like he's wearin
>>> good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. it's wednesday, september 12th. we begin with breaking news in the middle east. chris stevens died yesterday when protesters attacked the us kons late. president obama shared his condolences. >> today, we mourn four more americans who represent the very best of the united states of america. we will not waiver in the commitment to see justice is done. make no mistake, justice will be done. >>> meanwhile, we are learning more about the attack. melissa is live with more. >> hey, keith. since the deaths, the president ordered increased security. as many as 200 marines could be sent to libya to bolster security. >> 52-year-old jay christopher steven z was a career diplomat. he was assigned earlier this year. he served two tours in libya running the office in benghazi against gadhafi. he once worked as an international trade here in washington. a large mob stormed the consulate with automatic weapons firing at the building before burning it to the ground. stevens was found in a small room
named keith. he's a soft-spoken artist who is a straight "a" student. >> he's had to deal with some disappointments in his young life. barbara harrison has his story. >> reporter: cartoon characters are his specialty. at 13 years old, keith says he loves art of all kinds. and likes seeing what other people create. >> well, i like to look for things like coe lllages and thi you don't normally see. >> reporter: he checked out the books and he's a bright, young man. >> he's incredibly artistic. he does beautifully in school. cognitively he's right on track. he's in the eighth grade and working on grade level. >> reporter: what's your favorite subject? >> math. >> reporter: are you doing well in that? >> yeah. >> reporter: what kind of grades are you making? >> as. >> reporter: keith is modest about the things he does well. he's just a nice guy, but he has had some disappointments in his young life. >> about six years ago, he came into care with his siblings who have since been adopted. we are looking for keith to have a permanent family as well so he can belong to a family much like hi
the world our country is safer and our people are resilient. welcome, i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. it's september 11, 2012. with the ringing of the bell and a bugler playing "taps," president barack obama, first lady michelle obama and white house staffers observed a moment of silence for those who lost their lives 11 years ago. just one of many happening today. news 4s megan mcgrath live on the pentagon where another ceremony wrapped up. hey, megan. >> reporter: that's right. the ceremony just wrapped up here. many family members moved over to the victims memorial, which is closed to the general public, reserved for the family members to have a quiet moment this afternoon to reflect. the ♪ itself was short. only a few people spoke, including president barack obama. that was done on purpose. there was an effort here to keep this event low key and to limit the attendance to those who lost loved ones in the attack on the pentagon. the sunrises above the pentagon ushering in another solemn anniversary. 11 years ago today, 184 people were killed when flight 77, flying low wi
, 2012 (10) appeal no. 12-093 keith doerge, appellant(s) versus department of building inspection, respondent planning department approval. 2865 vallejo street. protesting the issuance on august 01, 2012, to shane busch, permit to alter a building (work related to approved bpa no. 2011/10/14/6816; underground expansion to garage - addition of 697sf; all new work is underground; new elevator up to 1st floor level; seismic upgrade; interior remodel of 1st floor level; mandatory sprinkler work under separate permit). we'll start with the appellant. you have seven minutes. >> thank you, president, commissioner lazarus, vice president fung. i put this picture -- can you see that? this is the property in question, where the construction is going on. and you can see just to the right, in the photo, is my house, which is -- starts at the street, and goes directly back. the house under construction begins a couple -- back, and then the houses are cojoined at that point. the purpose of our appeal is not to overturn the project. we would like to reduce the risk to my house. and by the way, i
of the boy hurt in the their son is recovering.. but he remains frightened over what happened. keith daniels, live at shock trauma with an update on the injured student's condition condition.. while his classmates are rrmembering him tonight.. keith. keith. karen..... daniel borowy ((o-roar-ee) has gone through urgery.. and is recovering tonighh in critical, but stable ondition. he's described as an athhetic student.. but tonight.. of course.. he missed his school's first foottall game. game. the perry hall gators took on st. paul's crusaders tonight.. just four days after the shooting in the school's cafeteria..... it's tough. exciting grid iron play on the field.. while 17-year-old daniel, who has down syndrome, recooers from his injuries. doctors say he uffered a bruised ung and a fractured rib.. his muscles re damaged and there's a hole in hisschest. baltimore county police sayy 15-year--ld robert gladden shot daniel in the back with a shotgun in the school's cafeteriaamonday. tonight, at the game, studentt and parents say they're struggling to get things
...they call... another case... of... police brutality../ keith. keith.. jeff ad jennifer..... thh community has put this cross.. with balloons on the spot where they say a policee officcr confronted anthonn anddrson..he was 46. they say that confrontation may have cost anderson his life..... and the community was back here lift their voices against the police. pooice. 3& it's a crowded corner a north mootford and east biddle stteets.... anthony anderson's family and friendd are thhre with several community activist groups.. proteeting.. rallying against baltimore city police...(ááánats uu full: "these ooficers need to be charged wwth murdeer..."ááá) ......cclling for the indictment of the fficer who confronted andersoon(rev. intimidated, we won't be frightennd by anybody. because iffwe are frrghtened our child the next day." anderson died while in police custody friday. a plain clothes officers' unit from the eastern district was in the area, when witnesses say at least one officer jummed from an uumarked car and ap
bus driver... let... him off... at the wrong . stop.keith daniels... live... in mount washington .../ with... word ...on how. ..the &pboy... was reunited... witt his parents.. keith. vo rollcue: from the boys home. sot rollcue: alerted the boys 3 father. father.alerted the boys fathhr. "iq: so i said.... oq: whats going on." 3 p3 baltimore's iron man... will soon be immortalized in bronze. the orioles... aree &punveiling a ripken statue honoring ripken tonight. you're looking live from camden yards where the ceremony has just begun. fans say the unveiling is happening at the perfect time. how are the roads looking tonig? ttnight?brandi proctor has our traffic edge report. report. mapbelair ffberwilkens 395 map 3 smartphones and cyber pecurity... hhw to protect your information from hackers. 3 and a police offfcer.. ii trouble for tasing a suspect. why.. what she was wearing... 3uthorities. hot water with --adblib weather tz-- the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigor
>>> good morning, everyone, and welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. >> and i'm keith russell. it's friday, september 7th. let's get right to the big story. a sex scandal is rocking one of our area's most prestigious football programs. five players reportedly off the team for hiring prostitutes on a team trip. "news 4's" tray sigh wicee wilk more on the investigation and reaction from the community in hyattsville. >> the entire community is trying to wrap its mind around exactly what happened and now we're hearing from parents and also the principal of the school. >> the school community is saddened and hurt by the actions of these few who do not reflect the community. >> it's a private boy's school with a respected reputation and stellar athletic program. now it's dealing with an unfortunate turn of convenients first reported by "the washington post." >> the incident referred to in the newspaper occurred after 5:00 a.m. on saturday morning. the school first learned of it on tuesday afternoon and began an investigation. five students and their families were notified th
's happening. >> and you got to manage this trade. keith, what are you doing in terms of when you see days like this, how do you trade this risk of the range? >> in particular when you get surprise. the reaction is what certainly surprised me today. range we've been trading in is basically 1395 to 1419. it will be interesting to hear what someone like doug cass has to say about a close above 1419. 1419 was the prior year to date closing high on april the 2nd. what you're making now is a higher high. short sellers like me are playing defense. that thing needs to confirm. if it doesn't confirm, you're going back to the bottom end of the range and trading 1431. that's 30 points. you got to manage the risk of the range. that's what we do. we don't want to be buying high and selling low. we want to be selling green and buying red. that's really what we're talking about when we talk about the range. >> i was on with leon cooperman at halftime today. he was saying similar things to what you've just said, keith, and what you said as well k. fine. that's that he's willing to sell at the moneys. he says,
colleagues are they driving you cubicle crazy. is this normal or nuts? keith ablow is here with the answer. ♪ ♪ i can do anything ♪ i can do anything today ♪ i cano anywhere ♪ i can go anywhere today ♪ la la lla la la la [ male announcer ] dow solutions help millions of people by helping to make gluten free bread that doesn't taste gluten free. together, the elements of science and the human element can solve anything solutionism. the new optimis >> let's span the globe to see what headlines we have overseas. >> firefighters are still trying to put out one of two deadly fires that broke out last night. 163 people were killed dozens more hurt. one fire started at a clothing factory in corachi. >> dramatic video of a car bomb blast that hit the country's defense minister's motorcade. he escaped 12-hours died. they think al qaeda has involveme involvement. it toppled over on a major highway. it was carrying 65 polish tourists at the time. >>> now to a fox business exclusive. new revelationses in the ms global case. he didn't know anything about the misuse of client's money ahead o
. >>> and finally, don't mess with keith o'dell jr., if you run into this kid in a pool hall. consider that an early warning because keith is 5 years old right now. >> to call him a pool prodigy is probably something of an understatement. he's been playing since he was less than 2 years old. >> his dad says keith was destined to be a great player because even before he could walk, keith would sit in a highchair and watch dad play for hours. seems that it worked. did the trick. man, prodigy is the word. going to be hustling people in a few months. not bad. >>> for some of you, now, your local news is coming up next. >> for everyone else, we'll be back with the start of the strahan era on "live." living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage. help relieve the pain and stop the damage with humira, adalimumab. for many adults with moderate to severe ra, humira is clinically proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. so you can treat more than just the pain. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuber
adviser ed gillespie. former clinton white house aid, keith boynten. thanks. ed klein, do you think that romney ought to apologize? do you think he was wrong the way he went through the 47%? >> i think he shouldn't complain. i think he has to move beyond this. look, i would like to see mitt romney president of the united states. i would also like to see mitt romney reach out to these people these 47% that he's been talking about. whom he disparaged in these remarks and make it plain that these policies are in their benefit. that by creating more incentives. by moving the country away from it's dependdency -- >> wait, we are going to come back. give everybody an opportunity. reach out for everybody. what is your take? >> you call this a dirty trick. using somebody else's own words is a dirty trick. >> they have had it since last may. that is the thing. and now the other side by the way is going to use another dirty trick because they have this type of obama saying i'm a redistributionist. >> those are his own words. he said it. don't deknny it. if robert costa is right. that means he
mother... shot down ... party.../. party.../. keith daniels,... live... in... northeast baltimore...'/ ccught... in... the,.... crossfire.. / keith. keith. jeff..... we'rr live on the alameda at richnor avenue.. the shooting happened behind mee..... and tonight.. as police search for thh young mother's killer..............those who knew er say..... she was tte kind of woman.. you wantee to k. know. on the steps of kenwood high pchool in essex.. family members and classmates remember a loved one...... it's a cannle light vigil for 22-year-old lorelle amos... class president at thee school.. the four yyars she attended.. as part of class 2008. (monty/classmate) she was just a great person, always walking around with a big smile on her face, alwayy pust there to be a friend ffr somebody...." omeone ssot and killed he young mother at a saturray night labor daa house party in northeaat baltimore. police believe she was a random victim of violence.. cauuht in the crossfire between two groups of men who opened fire down the block
. keith, you're long off this, do you believe this notion that there are certain kind of stocks that will benefit directly? >> i think look at something, it refutes brian's point. basically risk management is on. this guy makes money in uppace, down pace, it can make money and that stock, alternative asset classes and alternative managers, blackstone, et cetera, aren't the guys that are going to buy top and sell bottom. you want to be long risk management. there's few places to own it. >> okay. let's go to consumer discretionary because there were quite a few of them on that list, as well. no surprise, a lot of them in the home-building arena. louisiana pacific, lennar as well as home depot. >> to be where the home building has the most effect would be bank of america which has tremendous exposure to the whole industry. so i don't have an hc here, but i did not sell any discretionary today. only ones of the earlier names was disney, two-week high. i like it. >> the cyclicals have always outperformed over the last couple of qes, you can go in there and if you want to do broadly,
mutual love of facial kellerman. it is writer and comedian keith alderstad. and we worked as wharf 1812 reenactors. and as kids we were altar boys together. he would steel the wine and i would steel the water and then we would say mass ourselves. we were ambitious kids. tv personality and author greg gutfeld. his latest book "joy of hate" comes out november 13th. >> buy it. >> a block, the lede, that's the first story. >> she fought vitreal with aerosol -- you get the point. on tuesday a woman was arrested after she spray painted a new york city subway ad that equates muslim radicals with savages. the transit authority was forced to install the campaign seen here prompting the activist to make her complaint with paint. but she was met with the defender of the poster and a faceoff over free speech. let's watch. >> do you think you have a right to do that? >> it is a freedom of expression. >> do you really? >> i do. and who are you? >> my name is pamela. >> okay, can you get out of the way, pamela? >> no. >> get out of my way. >> you are violating free speech. >> i am not violating it. >>
caught in the crossfire of passing strangers. keith daniels has been following this story and says police need the public's help in fiding theekiller.. keith? keith? jennifer.... a traveling bullet struck outside the home...... a young mother and bbnk teller killed..... and tonight, the search is on for the one responsible for her death. death. lesha murray says it was puppose to be a fun.. family at her home on the alemeda at richnor avenue. but afttr thh arty.. things turned tragic..... someone shot and killed her nnece, larelle amos.. she wws 22.(ms. murray) "i could not haae asked for a better personnto be in my nephew's life.. cause she was it happened at about 2 o'clock early monday morning.. amos was shot while she was standing in the front yard with murray.... guests had gone. police say hey don't believe amos was the target. she ook a bullet meant for someone else. (murray) "we thoughhtthey were getting out ready to fight...." two cars had just passed by with two groups offmen inside. thee stopped down the block.." (keith) "they got out near cold pring
is a polite, man keith. he's had to deal with big disappointments in his young life. >> reporter: cartoon characters are his sperkt. at 13 years old, he says he loves art of all kinds. >> i like to look for things like collages, sculptures and different things you don't see every day. >> reporter: he loved checking out the art books. his social work es sell his's a bright young man. >> he's incredibly artistic, does beautifully in school. >> reporter: what's your favorite subject? >> math. >> reporter: are you doing well in math? >> yes. >> reporter: what kind of grades? >> a's. >> well, congratulation. he is modest about the things he does well. those who know him say he's just a nice guise, but he has had some disappointments in his young life. >> about six years ago he came in to care with his siblings who have since been adopted. so we're looking for keith to have a permanent family's well. >> reporter: keith says the hardest part is having to move so often. what were you hoping will happen? >> i'm hoping i won't have to move around a look. >> reporter: it turns out he's also very goo
>>> good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 mid dachlt i'm barbara harrison. i'm keith. right now, the state department is warning american embassy workers around the world, especially in the middle east to be on alert in the wake of this week's deadly attack in libya. that includes kuwait, sudan. egypt's embassy was also in the warning. the violence spread to yemen. this was the violence there this morning. they managed to get on to the embassy's grounds. demonstrators removed the sign on the outer wall and set tires on fire. they brought down an american flag and burned it. this is all in response to an anti-muslim video that sparked protest in egypt and libya. >>> we have learned the identity of another american killed in libya. he was working for a private security company. the former navy s.e.a.l. was from massachusetts, he and am bas der stevens died in benghazi, libya. the pentagon is moving two warships. they don't have a specific mission but give the military more flexibility to launch any mission president obama should order. the president won't say if he's thinking of m
the same thing until, you know, i ran this guy's name, keith daley. he dropped off the face of the earth shortly after that boy went missing. why don't you show me what you got. yeah. danny: you do understand this is pretty much a long shot, right, anna? yeah, danny, i know. okay, just don't want to stir things up and start getting your hopes up. hope? what's that? i just don't want you to be disappointed again. more importantly, i don't want you getting hurt all over again. danny, it's been two years, and i still don't know what happened to my patrick. i know. i live every day, haunted by the gruesome scenarios my mind imagines. and then, the questions come. did they torture him? did they beat him? did he scream out for his mommy? (crying) i think we should get started, okay? the name keith daley, does it mean anything to you? no. okay, well, that name was brought to my attention as someone... who may have had something to do with patrick's disappearance. he has no criminal record, nothing suggesting a history of foul play against children, no sexual assaults, no violent crimes. this is
's probably why you went with "e." >> sound like professor lee is giving keith the "a." >> no, in this kind of world, everybody gets a medal. >> i'm a root cause guy. >> the key is what did bernanke give the world in that picture. he gave them inflation. when growth is slowing, there is not a lot of producer price inflation you as a company can take. hong kong, the cpi doubled sequentially month to month as exports in singapore down 11% year over year. japanese exports down 6% year over year. these are demand issues with costs rising. if you're a company you know what i'm talking about. >> qe3 was supposed to give us inflation in all the commodities, right? but crude oil prices, falling for the fourth straight day. what's behind this move lower that we've seen? joining us, head of commodities research. you think that the move lower recently is because refiners are just simply moving into maintenance? >> there is a big seasonal issue in oil. it is a very seasonal kind of commodity and we're moving into a period of time when refiners have much lower demand for oil because they're in maintenan
should be representing us faithfully. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> keith dennis. >> good afternoon, mr. dennis. >> god bless you, commissioners. god bless the city and county of san francisco. my name is keith dennis. today, commissioners, i would like to reiterate -- actually, this was not spoken to you. i brought this issue up a year ago to the mayor's office of disability how there are no bus shelters on fillmore and eddie street. today is a perfect example. it is very windy. people are out there freezing because there is no bus shelter. there is no bus shelter on fillmore and daddy andeddi and it -- fillmore and eddie and they also need electronic signs for when we can catch another bus. thank you >> -- thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> commissioners and members of the audience, my name audienceemil lawrence. -- my name is emil lawrence. we've had a lot of testimony in the past year about permits in the city. but without the drivers, you do not have anything. they buy the taxis and repair the vehicles and ensure them. if you think they are your as
to carry ut a maas shooting at a state pffice in annapolis is out of jail and he's talking. talking. keith daniels live in glen burnie, where the suspect claims he's done nothing wrong. keith? 3 "iq: i cant believe... oq: ppove that you didnt do this." 3 3 he llst the democratic primary forcongress in maryland's first district.but dr. john laferla is now a ""rite-in" candidate. he's is a physiciin who livesin chestertown. democrats have formallyendorsed him...after democraticnominee wendy rosen withdrew from the race..he's accused of registering and now taking aim at republican incumbant aady harris. (laferla) "the trenddwith the tea party republicans are not really fair to the average person ii the united statts and it makes me mad and it makes me want to do something rather than just sit oo my duff" duff."laferla says he is pro-choice...and supportsthe affordable care act. 3 tte internal investigation into the purchase of pricey video phones by the mayor's office is coming to and end. end.the city's inspector general has been investgating controveesi
investigation into his death. death. keith daniels live in east baltimore where witnesses say he had a confrontation with contact keith.olice before he died.. ke- 3 jennifer..... we're live at.......... police hhve not identified the man.. name is anthony anderson.. he was 46. and tonight....questions over how he died. died. it happened after police responded to the intersec
... keith daniels... live... in... the neighborhood .../ where people.../ are... pushing... a... petition drive... tonight.. kei. keith. jeff..... presidentt of all the nnighborhood associations in the aaea.. are fighting against this proposal. they rallied tonight to launch p door-to-door signature drive. and we caught up with one couple who say they're standing with the opposition.. opposition.. phil and katie stetler are in patterson park twice a day.... walking their dog kami.......they say it's part of their passion for the park. but things could proposal from city health and entrance to the park at the bbltimore street and north luzerne avenue. thaa would lead to a new loop road.. casino building,,now used as an adult day care center, but would expand to include more senior services. and with that.. comes three additional parking include 96 parking spaces. p a bold, bad move, say critics. //////////////////////sot/////// //////////// 3 "studies show trees and green space increase lots of things that are really good in people and it makes neighborho
. the center was forced to shut down after a patient who recently died. keith daniels live at the center where health offfs officials say two other patients also developed serious infections. infections. we're live outside the monarch med spa on deerco road.... we spoke with a woman tonight at her randallstown home.. who liposuction rocedure monday.. the same day the deceassd woman had her procedure. the woman we talked o declined an on-cameea inttrview.. but tonight &pshe says.. she's now battling an infection... after her procedure at monarch. monarch. the maryland department of health and mental hygiene gave that order to close the center today... as aryland officials investigate the source of the infectionss which involve the same bacteria that causss strep throat. officials say the procedures in question, took place from mid-august o mid-september. tonight, health officials say, anyone who had a prooedure at monarch recently and is concerned about infection shoulddlook out for symptoms. symptoms. (dr. gregory) "symptoms at all.. symptoms like fever, symptoms like
. dangerous. keith daniels, live in north baltimore where the struggle is on tonight.. to find people for the pets... keith. keith. jennifer..... we're live outside the maryland spca....... it's a privaae, non-profit organization dedicated to humane care and adoption services for homeless animals...............and tonight, they say..pit bulls need the group's help. help. they are ogs with a bad reputation.. pit bulls... annmals recently branded by a marrland court ruling thht calls the pure bred dogs "inherently dangerous.." the ruling also makes not only dog ownees but prooerty owners now liable for pit bull related incidents......(mr. prake/spca) "it's causing people to choose between giving up their pets or giving up their homes.."'s a move that has shelters, including the maryland spca, handling more unwanted pets. david drake says, since the ruling, they've received several phone calls from concerned ppt owners.. and a number of returns.. pit bulls dropped off, left to find new homes.......animals, unjustly &plabeled, says drake, bbcause of a court ruling.(drake) "no,
/ democats.../// keith daniels,... live... downtown.../ where... party observers... also... weigh in.. keith. keith. jeff...... democrats say their platform clearly supports and respects the role of faith in aaercian life..... still.. that deciiion to remove the reference to god from the platform.. was enough to get party observers taaking..... talking..... as rush hour traffic poves through downtown baltimore.. so does talk of god and democrats......(woman) "i'm more concernnd with the economy and i don't know, jobs.. health care reform..." ......reaction from people in baltiiorr.. to action taken in charlotte on the floor at the democratic national convention............where democrats took the worr "god" out of their platform.. a single reference.. referring of working people. it's a move that prompted criticism from the vice presidential candidate paullryan spoke out on "fox and friends"...(paul ryan) "wwll i think it's rather peculiar. it's not in keeping with our founding documents, our founding vision. but i guess yoo
on special teams. keith mills will have highlights later in sports. >> it will be a nice day for most of the day. ♪ [ telephone rings ] how's the camping trip? well, the kids had fun, but i think i slept on a rock. ♪ the best part of wakin' up what are you doing? having coffee. ohh. ♪ is folgers in your cup i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm just in love with the flavor. i get mine black. i don't want to take away from that pure taste. so smooth, no bitterness. it's awesome. there's no other taste like it. america runs on dunkin' coffee. but it isn't always easy to find one... anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work. ♪ [ chirping ] [ chirping ] ♪ [ chirpin
today. keith daniels, &pstreammng ii the newsroom wit her staaement.... stttement.... and what experts say about the power of the internett. keith. keith. p jennnfer..... mmody is an employye at the johns opkins medicaa school since her controversial tweett after sunday night's game.... her boss wiih tweets and ooed - emaiis calling for her to be piree... well 3 it reads in part..... "i profounnly regret my completely inappropriaae &ppomment.. and i deeply lament caused.n it cauued. &p all f this started wwt moody's tweet soon after the ravens beat the atriotss suudayy... she said.. "hey smith, how about you call your brother and tell him about your win.. ohhh, wait, too soon?" ray rice even got into the game.. coming to hope you knnw the word karma." - went spreading across thee country. and tonight, one on-line expert says it's anooher example that shows the power and viral nature of the internet... and the need for what he calls.. social media (mr. white) "i maybb, i have a heightened sense of awareness of this thing, ut it does come to me a
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